Please find the most current sounding report for West Marina, per Feb. 24th, 2022.











West Marina Channel Entrance

Boaters are advised that shoaling conditions can exist at the West Channel. Caution
should be taken at all times, especially at low to medium tides, to monitor depth on
entry and exit of the channel.

The lighted red and green PATON markers serve as a guide and aid to navigation, and
hazard buoys have been placed to warn boaters. Boats should always exercise
vigilance and caution in this general area when transiting the West Marina channel.

It is recommended that larger or deep-draft vessels traverse alone through the west
channel and monitor depths and speed.

During the winter and spring, boaters can expect very low tides in this area of the San
Francisco Bay until the allowable dredging window occurs in the summer/fall of 2022.

Prudent boaters should consult local tide tables whenever they expect to traverse
hazardous areas prone to shoaling conditions. The San Francisco Marina is happy to
provide boaters and the public with a complimentary 2022 Tide Book at the Marina
Office during business hours.

Please also monitor for swimmers, as they have been sighted in the open bay outside of
the West Marina Entrance. (Swimming is prohibited in the marina and the channel

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